Positive working environment by Luke Smith

Friday 05 January 2018
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Can the environment in which we work in really have an impact on our productivity? If we are led to believe our Americans counterparts, they the answer is a resounding yes. Companies like Facebook and Google have led the way in reimagining what the typical office should look like, with functionality and mental and physical well being playing a large part in their office design concepts. No longer are employees confined and isolated to an office cubicle, a single block in a much larger corporate machine. Now office spaces are open plan, friendly and conducive to free-thinking and innovation.

Research tells us that happy employees really do make the best workers. Employment satisfaction is crucial as part of reducing staff turnover and the most important factor when evaluating this is found to be the working environment. Creating a positive work space for your team needn’t involve a million-pound makeover, there are simple ways you can enhance the experience people have at their desks every day.

The presence of natural elements in our day to day lives has a resounding effect on our health, wellbeing and productivity. Daylight and greenery is thought to improve people’s creativity and promote more active learning. If your natural light is limited, you could look to rotate employees so that they all get some expose to a source of natural light. Or you can fake it as we’ve done at Purpose, by installing an LED screen sky light to mimic the sensation of day light from above.

To bring nature into our office we have included a feature moss wall which oxygenates the room and absorbs reverberations. There are even silver birch trees springing up in-between peoples’ desks, to create an uplifting experience and banish those Monday blues!

Businesses are very good at focusing on what didn’t work, over analysing and debating actions to see what they could have done better, that sometimes it’s easy to forget to celebrate the wins. Creating a positive office space is all about celebrating these achievements, no matters how small they may be. At Purpose we have allocated everyone a thought jar, into which they are able to deposit a problem they have faced or a success from the week. The idea is that the problems are shared together, to collectively find a solution. Equally the wins are celebrated by not just one employee, but the whole office.

Our office also includes one white board wall where staff can write inspirational messages or scribble out an accountancy problem for the rest of us to tackle as a firm. Employees work better when they feel they’ve contributed to the business, so it is important to involve them in decision making or ask for their opinion on a problem. This increases motivation, enthusiasm and innovation but most importantly it builds trust.

Purpose’s office is far from traditional, because we like to think it reflects the service we provide, which is pretty unique. We are so much more than just an accountancy firm, we offer financial direction, support and guidance to all our customers. Just as negativity can be contagious, we believe innovation is just as catchy and hope that our new positive working environment will be the perfect backdrop to grow successful businesses together with our clients.