Luke Smith's resignation letter from Honorary Treasurer of the Chamber of Commerce

Friday 05 May 2017
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Whilst I am resigning from my role as Honorary Treasurer of Chamber in May this year, I’ve really enjoyed being part of the House and Executive Committees at Chamber over the past five years.  Chamber’s internal finances and operations have moved on dramatically since then and I know the value the members receive has grown significantly too.

David Warr, James Filleul and, for the past two years, Kristina Le Feuvre have done a great job as presidents giving Chamber a bigger voice and influencing policy and decisions in a way they can’t always shout about but which has made a tremendous difference to the simplicity of life for businesses on the Island.

With Gillian leading the office and an expert in communications I am sure Chamber members will increasingly perceive the value of their membership increasing and Chamber’s visibility and impact will continue to increase further too.

During my time as Treasurer, we went from loss making to a very small surplus last year with both cuts in costs and increases in revenue.   The executive team at Chamber, the various Presidents and the House Committee can take great pride that we are delivering great value for money to members for, more often than not, a subscription fee much less than our counterparts in Guernsey and the Isle of Man.

I wish Eliot Lincoln all the best with his presidency and look forward to seeing Chamber develop further over the next couple of years from the solid base it now has.