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The Growth of the Virtual Finance Director by Julie Heaven published in JEP

06 March 17

The Virtual Finance Director service aims to bridge the gap between having an in-house bookkeeper and the need for strategic support which a VFD can provide

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How you learn has more to do with you success than any talent you were born with

05 February 17

Apply the laws of deep practice: reach and repeat, and you will build skill and expertise and outperform your competition

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Catch more customers by making them habitually use your product or service

06 January 17

You achieve greater success in your business when you make your customers habitually use your product or service

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Difficult conversations should never undermine the success of your business

06 December 16

Build your ‘difficult conversation’ skills and set yourself up for greater success with your team, with your customers and even with your family!

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Why risk the health of your business by measuring the wrong things?

07 November 16

Use customer-focused, healthy heartfelt business measures and you will avoid problems leading to losses in your business

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Prevent profits slip sliding away by mastering the art and science of pricing

06 October 16

Build your pricing tool kit around top-down pricing options and you tap into windfall profits for your business that everybody wants to choose

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