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Purpose shortlisted for ­­Small Practice of the Year award

05 September 17

"The Small Practice of the Year" with 78 entries this year, is the heartbeat of Practice Excellence Awards

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Ever get to the end of a busy day wondering what you got done?

06 August 17

Do one important thing every day that takes you towards the business you’d be proud to own and run

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What do you want your business to do for your life by Luke Smith

05 July 17

Structure your business so that it is doing the work for you, not the other way around

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What business owner would ignore the power of email marketing?

05 June 17

If email marketing isn’t working for your business it’s because your emails aren’t working

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Luke Smith's resignation letter from Honorary Treasurer of the Chamber of Commerce

05 May 17

"A reflection on my time as Honorary Treasurer of the Chamber of Commerce" by Luke Smith for the JEP

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How do you get the world's most stubborn people to do what is needed to help your business win

07 April 17

Improve your people's motivation and ability, changing their mindset and behaviour, and set your business on the road to winning ways

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