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Bernadette Jiwa & the Story of Telling: Persuade On Purpose, with Purpose

05 March 19

If we’re in the business of making things that change people’s lives for the better, we must master the art of persuasion to help people make decisions they’re glad about.

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Bernadette Jiwa & the Story of Telling: When did one day become never?

05 February 19

‘One day’ becomes never when we fail to take the first step.

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The Feedback Fallacy-Marcus Buckingham & Ashley Goodall, Harvard Business Review

05 January 19

We, humans, excel only when people who know us and care about us tell us what they experience and what they feel, and in particular when they see something within us that really works.

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Bernadette Jiwa & the Story of Telling: Lasting success powered by trust

05 December 18

How to advertise and build a trust engine in the golden age of advertising?

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Are your products and services credible enough for people to buy more and more from you?

05 November 18

More credibility means more trust, more trust means more buyers buying more from you.

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Why put up with the broken promises and missed deadlines that hold your business back?

05 October 18

Embrace, learn and build the skills of healthy accountability conversations

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