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Put your prices up, you must be joking?

01 May 13

Last month I described the relationship between profit, price and sales volumes and suggested that reducing prices to gain market share was a more risky strategy than putting prices up and differentiating your service in the current climate.

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Is the time right to raise prices by 50%?

01 April 13

When there is less business about, sales volumes are lower, and there is a general tendency to decrease prices to win business and revenue, business owners often focus on cost cutting.

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Bad customers drive profitability (and good clients) away

01 March 13

On a day to day basis my firm’s role is to get to the bottom of what is going on in a business, understanding better how the results are generated and what the main drivers of profitability and revenue are to provoke positive change.

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‘Luke, I’ve got a situation: what’s my business worth?’

01 February 13

I’ve heard that an accountant ‘ someone who knows the cost of everything, and the value of nothing’. Whilst I am pretty sure that’s a misquotation of Oscar Wilde, I’m also pretty sure most people would agree. Ironic then that I’m often asked ‘what’s it worth?’ with the expectation of a legally binding, virtually immediate, response!

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Will Being ‘Good’ Be ‘Good Enough’ In 2013?

01 January 13

If Jersey does follow nine months behind the UK, then we can expect to see no growth, as a whole, in 2013.

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