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05 October 15

Monday 8th June 2015 - Paul Dunn speaking at Royal Yacht IMPACT - The huge power of small

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Profit from 'lean' management

07 September 15

How can you work less, beat your competition and unlock greater profits in your business?

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06 July 15

The economic surveys show that many small business have struggled over the past few years. There are however a small number of great success stories out there and it’s useful to take the opportunity to reflect on what theses business have done differently and how their success could be replicated.

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I’m just starting out and wonder if there are any common attributes successful small business owners have?

01 August 14

Yes and what is great is that it’s not just about resources and a great new idea or invention - which means that anyone can be successful in any industry. What it all boils down to is locally successful entrepreneurs focus on the 3 most important words in business: Intention, Attention and Responsibility.

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What’s the difference between bookkeepers and accountants?

14 July 14

Unfortunately there is nothing to stop anybody calling themselves an accountant. This means that it is worth understanding who is looking after your financial records.

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It’s all a bit hard at the moment: sales are down; staff are more than usually grumpy. What do you think I should do? Part two.

01 May 14

The first part of my response to this question in last month’s Connect looked at how identifying the purpose of your business will change how you communicate and think about your business - so leading to much improved staff engagement.

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