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They've completely changed my outlook on accountants

One of the best decisions I made on buying the company was to appoint Purpose

The guidance we've received has been exemplary

They always have time to focus on our business needs

The insight they give us during our regular meetings is invaluable and inspiring

Purpose has made massive, fundamental and positive effects on our business

Grow the value of your business with us

The value of your business is a simple formula with complicated variables. 

A mixture of your profit, revenue and the buyer's guess as to what will happen to them in the future.  We uncover the truth about the financial performance of each area of your business, warts and all, and work with you to quickly implement important changes which make a huge difference to the performance of your business and its value.

Even if you are not looking to sell the business the principles behind strong business valuations create bigger dividends and more time for you to do what you really want to do.

If you have more than 5 people in your organisation and revenues of £500,000 or more then we know we can make a positive difference to your business and would love to talk.  Even if you want to keep your existing accountants for the annual accounts and tax returns.

Real Purpose

Working every day to make our clients' businesses better

Our Team:

  • Speak english not accountant
  • Never send a bill you weren't expecting
  • Will not work with your competitors
  • Improve your knowledge of your business
  • Listen to understand your issues
  • Offer a money-back guarantee
  • Never charge for verbal advice
  • Focus on increasing your business' value

The best small business owners want to know more about their business from people with different skills and experience to them.  This helps improve the value of their business and, ultimately, their pension.

We're doing this because we love numbers and using our skills to make businesses better.  Just churning accounts and tax returns wouldn't inspire us but doing this does.


Over the last 20 years we have prepared thousands of sets of management accounts and run thousands of performance improvement meetings.  We're told this process identifies the key issues to increase the value of your business.

Once we understand the issues we debate with you the most appropriate tried and tested solution for your business - saving you time, risk and money.


We work together on a strategic review of your business and guide you through setting your objective, strategy and tactics.  We will then prepare a valuation of your business and help you understand the component parts of it. 

Following that at least quarterly we all get together to and make sure you're on track and see if any new quicker roads have been built or any new diversions are in the way.

The One Page Business Plan
The ultimate SatNav for your business, with key actions for change

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Our Businesses

We love helping our clients become more successful and being a small but important part of their stories.
Regular independent review of where you are and where you are heading, what's going well and what's not and how to change that, on top of everything else an accountant normally does

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Innovative Partners


As a small business, we can't do it all and know that our success will be based on focusing on what we are great at. 

Our partners, each inspiring in their own way, are making a difference worldwide, but through technology, skills and resources, help us make a huge impact locally.

Please use the arrows above to view more.

Please use the arrow above to view more.


Loved by over 200,000 people worldwide, Xero is beautiful accounting software - reducing bookkeeping and administration costs dramatically. 

Bank feeds automatically import and categorise your latest banking, credit card and PayPal transactions. You just click OK to reconcile. Connecting with customers is easy, as you can create and send professional invoices and get paid online. Manage cashflow by scheduling bill payments and sending invoices automatically.   

An accounting solution for non-accountants!

ICAEW - world leading professional membership organisation
ICAEW - world leading professional membership organisation

Luke is a member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales. The ICAEW are leaders in accountancy, finance and business, and its members have the knowledge, skills and commitment to maintain the highest professional standards and integrity.

We are a registered with the ICAEW as a Training Organisation and are proud that our staff are trained as ICAEW Chartered Accountants.


B1G1 gives businesses the power to change lives by embedding giving into its normal activities. When we give out a business card, send a letter or an email, or take on a new customer, we give to a project doing something wonderful. We do this just to feel great and are grateful its made possible by the people we work with. 

Click here to find out more about our giving story

The Virtual Bookkeeper
No hassle, right first time, low-cost outsourced bookkeeping, releasing you to win, or do, more business

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True Professionals

We believe that true professionalism is having the courage to care about our people, our customers and their businesses and know that having a purpose higher than just producing accounts and tax returns inspires everyone involved. We want to look forward to each day, work with interesting clients, spend time with colleagues we like and go home each day with a sense of genuine satisfaction and reward.
The Money-Back Guarantee
Reducing your risk and linking our success to yours

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Whilst the principles of good business rarely change, new technology and shifting economic conditions mean that businesses must continually innovate their offer to customers to stay ahead. We provide our customers with new thought and research to help them innovate:

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Free unlimited access
Verbal advice every time and anytime you want it

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The insight and shared within these videos is being applied worldwide in successful businesses and in them here in Jersey too.

Thomas Erikson

04 October 22

How to understand those that cannot be understood.

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Simon Sinek

07 September 22

What IS the infinite game?

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The Strategy Day
The ultimate SatNav for your business. Working together to set your objectives for the next few years so they are not wasted.

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